Frequently Asked Questions

Below we have listed the most frequently asked questions and the corresponding answers for coach travel:

Where / How can I buy a ticket?

The majority of the tickets can be bought 24/7 in our webshop.

Depending on your desired route - you will be automatically passed on. Please consider that the terms and conditions of the respective carrier apply.
Please note: The deadline for online booking ist 24 hours before departure.

Tickets for ALL lines are sold at our VIB ticket office in Vienna Erdberg.

Are there any discounts?

Of course there are fare reductions for children on almost all lines, and in some cases also for young people and senior citizens. The exact conditions and age restrictions vary from carrier to carrier, please refer to the respective route timetable.

The special rates are also displayed during the online booking process and can be selected there using the drop-down menu (by changing from "adult" to "child").

From time to time there are also promotions with special tariffs. Please note that these promotions are always subject of specified conditions stated in the promotion.

When is the last possible online booking time?

You can buy a ticket online up to 24 hours before departure!

Please also keep in mind a chance to print out your ticket, because at our check-in only tickets in paper form will be accepted.

Why do I have to announce my name for a ticket purchase?

For transportation across borders, we are obligated to keep a list with all passenger names, so that in case of border controls information can be provided quickly and without any complications.

Which payment methods are available in the ticket shop?

For online booking we accept all current payment methods:

For online credit card payment, you must provide your credit card number, expiration date, name of the cardholder and the three digit security code. Your security code provides additional security for online payment and usually consists of the last three digits of the number on the back of the credit card. The security code is usually printed on the signature panel.

Our site secures your payment data with SSL encryption.
You can easily check whether the connection between your computer and the shop is secure: If the connection is secure, a padlock in the bottom right corner of the browser window (Internet Explorer and Firefox), the right of the address bar (Chrome) or right will appear top of the browser window (Safari).


How do I receive my ticket?

By online booking your ticket will be sent to the specified email address. This may take up to 2 hours.

By purchase at our sales places your ticket will be issued immediately.


Do I have to print out my ticket?
Yes! Please print out your ticket because at check-in only paper tickets are accepted.

If you book online, your ticket will be sent to the specified e-mail address (of not, please check your spam filter first).
Please take care when printing out that your ticket is good legible.
Will I receive an invoice?

The tickets of our webshop serve as invoices as defined by the Value-Added Tax Act (UStG). This naturally means that they permit pre-tax deduction, if applicable. All information required by the Section 11(9) of the Value-Added Tax Act (UStG) can be found on the ticket.

Can I reserve a special seat?

Once you've bought a ticket you are basically entitled to a seat (with the exception of open-return tickets).

The possibility of a fixed seat reservation, for a surcharge, depends on the respective carrier and is displayed during the booking process.

Do I get call center information about still available seats?

No, sorry. Please note that our call center does not provide information about available seats.

If a certain route is no longer available in our webshop, the bus is either fully booked or the booking deadline (24 hours before departure) has already expired.

Can I change my ticket?

A ticket transfer to another name or another day of departure is possible for a fee of EUR 8, -.

Please announce your change request by E-mail to or directly at the VIB ticket counter.

Please note: Rebooking of tickets, which were acquired as part of promotional events at special prices, are generally not possible.

Can I cancel my ticket?
In case of ticket cancellation up to 8 days before departure EUR 6,- will be charged.
Within 1-7 days before departure, the cancellation fee is EUR 10,-.

There is no refund of the fare for passengers who have missed their departure. 2 hours before the departure and after the departure date (no start of the journey, so-called no-show) 100% cancellation fees will be deducted.

Refunds can be made by E-mail to info@vib-wien or directly at the ticket office of the VIB.
Tickets purchased at discounted rates or subject to specific booking requirements may not be refunded or rebooked.

In case of unforeseen circumstances such as war, political assemblies or epidemics the carrier may cancel the trip and has to refund the paid fare without deduction. Additional claims of the passenger will not be accepted by the carrier.

Is my ticket transferable?

In cross-border traffic the correct name of the traveling passenger has to be stated on the ticket mandatory, therefore it is not allowed to pass an issued ticket to a third party.

But before your departure - for a processing fee of EUR 8,- - your ticket can be transferred to another person (name change).
When buying tickets in other webshops, their terms and conditions and guidelines apply.

Name changes can be made only in the ticket issuing office.
The only exception: For tickets booked on our website, please contact our staff at in order to change the name of the passenger on your ticket. 

How much luggage am I allowed to take?
Luggage is limited to one suitcase (normal size) and one hand luggage per person, unless other conditions have been made by the carrier. Please inform yourself in advance on the website of your specific carrier or refer to the relevant timetable for this information.

Please mark your luggage with a clearly visible sign with your name, address, telephone number and travel destination.

Please note that in individual cases separate fees (insurance, etc. ) can be charged for luggage. Please find out more about this on the respective website of your carrier or take the information from the relevant timetable.

The carrier is responsible and liable for your baggage,- you can find the relevant information in their general terms and conditions.


How do I find the right bus?

This website sells tickets for a wide range of international carriers. You can find the name of your carrier on your ticket.

When looking for the right bus, please follow the monitors placed inside and outside at the VIB and orientate yourself by the destination signs which can be seen in the front windows of the buses.

You can also find the current departure and arrival points on our website.

Where/how can I reserve or reconfirm my (open) return ticket?

Every open return ticket has to be reserved in advance!
You can do this at the VIB desks, whereby the fee of € 2.50 is charged.

Please inform yourself in time in which period the reconfirmation has to take place before departure

Otherwise on certain routes and courses there is no seat guaranteed.

Our staff at the VIB ticket counters will be happy to provide you with information!

Is the VIB accessible?
Both the VIB main building and the sales shop are barrier-free accessible!

There is also a barrier-free toilet in the main building, please ask our VIB staff about it.